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Lake Erie Wheelers is Cleveland's west side cycling club for everyone! Come ride with us.

Join our club! It's only $30 per year, or $35 for a family. Not only will you be making friends with a great group of cycling enthusiasts, but you'll have the opportunity to attend our annual parties and gatherings. See our membership page here.

Since 1972, Lake Erie Wheeler members have organized, promoted, and participated in all types of cycling. We enjoy recreational, fitness and competitive rides, including road, mountain, cyclocross, touring, triathlons, and ultra-marathons.

We have members throughout Northeast Ohio. Our rides typically originate from the
west side of Cleveland.

For more information about the times, places and average speeds for our Club rides, click here to view our membership brochure.

The Ride Calendar is updated regularly.

We maintain many of our rides on RideWithGPS. A search with the keywords "Lake Erie Wheelers" will display a list of most of our rides. Feel free to pick a good one and ride it!

If you're already a LEW member but don't have more than a Starter RideWithGPS account, you can benefit from joining the LEW club on RideWithGPS.  Check out the benefits here.  Search for "Erie" in the Keywords field at the RideWithGPS Organization Search page to apply.  More detailed instructions can be found here.

If you'd like to make a donation to the club click here.

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