Calendar Import

If you use a smartphone, tablet, and/or PC calendar, you can import the LEW ride calendars directly and remain up to date automatically on all our events.

You will need to use the following ICS files to import the calendars.

If you don't want the whole calendar, you can import individual events, too. Just click on the event, then click on the "add to my calendar" link at the bottom.

LEW Rides

These are rides organized by the Lake Erie Wheelers, including our weeknight club rides, along with weekend and special event rides.


Rides that many members participate in, just not LEW affiliated)


Instead of trying to explain it all ourselves, we've collected some links to articles explaining in detail how to import for various platforms. If you're still having problems, feel free to contact us, we'll try to help.

Also, you can search for something like "import ical into yahoo calendar" or "import ics file into mac" in your favorite search engine to find help for your choice of calendar.




Do this from a desktop/laptop.

Hope this helps.

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